Meal Plan – Week of June 4, 2016

20160604_223025909_iOSOur CSA from Harvest Moon Farm started this weekend, which I see as the real sign that summer has arrived. We are both looking forward to significantly reducing our grocery shopping and enjoying our CSA share. Beth and I have a full share and most weeks it is just the right amount for two vegetarians who cook a lot. This week included arugula, salad greens, mustard greens, three types of kale, tatsoi, rainbow chard, radishes and fresh garlic. Since our CSA pickup is on Saturdays, we tend to structure our summer meal plans beginning on Saturday. My garden is also starting to produce a little bit. I had a good early spinach harvest, which we are still finishing. Here’s the plan for this week:

Weekly Prep: On Saturday Beth made a huge batch of kale and basil pesto, which we plan to eat throughout the week. I made waffles on Sunday morning for breakfasts.

Saturday 6/4/16: Angel hair with sauteed mustard greens and toasted breadcrumbs, salad with balsamic dressing, and white beans with kale and basil pesto (pasta recipe adapted from the New York Times)

We discovered last summer that you can really make pesto out of any green. We started out with a kale puree recipe in A Girl and Her Greens by April Bloomfield. At this point we’ve done some significant modification, including adding in some more traditional pesto ingredients, like parmesan, nuts and a little basil if we have it. It’s important to blanch tougher greens, like kale, before pureeing.

Sunday 6/5/16: Going out with family

Monday 6/6/16: Grilled cheese on rye bread with Havarti cheese and pesto

Tuesday 6/7/16: Kale salad, side of roasted chickpeas

I’m partial to the kale salad from Smitten Kitchen, but honestly I haven’t seen a kale salad yet that I didn’t like.

Wednesday 6/8/16: Homemade pizza with pesto, onions and spinach.

Thursday 6/9/16: Arugula and white bean stew over farro

Friday 6/10/16: Stir fry with baked tofu over jasmine rice

This is a nice way to finish up whatever greens are left at the end of the week.

Saturday 6/11/16: Pan-fried gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce, side of sautéed greens



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