Meal Plan – Week of March 13, 2016

Here’s our plan for the week of March 13, 2016:

Sunday, 3/13/2016: Wild Rice Mushroom Pasta Bake, sauteed mustard greens

We’ve always enjoyed the Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake from Smitten Kitchen. This is a new variant we are trying, substituting 8 oz wild rice for the pasta and white wine for the Marsala. We also added in some spinach to the cheesy mixture.

We had some frozen mustard greens from last summer’s CSA that we sauteed with garlic.

Monday, 3/14/2016: Spinach and Chickpea Rice Pilaf, grapes

It’s only fitting to feature chickpeas in the first week of our meal plan for The Weekly Chickpea. This recipe from Budget Bytes is easy while still maintaining a good balance of grains, veggies and protein. A side of grapes kept us from getting too hungry while I was cooking.

Tuesday, 3/15/2016: Gjelina Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

It seems like the internet is all talking about the Gjelina cookbook. We just checked it out from the library and are ready to start cooking.

Wednesday, 3/16/2016: Leftovers

Beth usually works a couple nights a week, this is my break from cooking.

Thursday, 3/17/2016: Red Beans and Rice

One of Michelle’s go-to easy meals, I’ll try to post a recipe later in the week.

Friday, 3/18/2016: Dinner Out

Saturday, 3/19/2016: White Bean and Kale Soup with Thyme and Parmesan


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